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Spray foam is an energy-efficient insulation option that will pay for itself over the lifetime of the home. Spray foam expands to fill all the voids in a construction, which reduces drafting, one of the leading causes of energy loss. Once cured, spray foam insulation becomes an inert polymer, making it an eco-friendly, energy-saving, and safe insulation option for your family.

We offer two types of spray foam insulation:

open-cell and closed-cell.

Open-cell foam is typically used in interior spaces, provides great sound dampening qualities, and is a cost-effective option. 

Closed-cell foam is applied when there is environmental exposure or the risk of moisture contact to the insulation. This product, unlike the open-cell, will not retain moisture and adds structural integrity due to its rigid composition. 

For more information on the benefits of spray foam and to debunk common myths, check out our video.

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